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Welcome to Argentina! The land of wines, Tango and fun. This is the 8th largest country in the world and the second-largest country in South America (after Brazil), which thanks to its location can offer a large variety of landscapes and activities to enjoy.
The capital and largest city is Buenos Aires, the perfect spot to begin your adventure. Here you will find the elusive spirit of Argentina as a country is present everywhere, not only on the delicious food that you can find just around the corner, but with the variety of buildings that are a reflection of the architectonic influence received along the years, and especially the passion that reflects the character of the citizens.
One of the great expressions of the Argentinians' passion is through the national dance, the Tango: a dance of intimate separation and common rhythm, combining both an elegant reserve and an exuberant passion. This art is practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas, and ballrooms, so you will for sure jump at the opportunity to learn some new moves during your visit here.
Also, there are seven geographical regions in Argentina: Argentine Northwest; the Chaco Region (Gran Chaco), a hot and semi-arid lowland; the mountain chain of the Sierras pampeanas; subtropical Mesopotamia (Littoral); Cuyo in central-west; the Pampas, a vast fertile alluvial plain; and Patagonia, the sparsely populated south of Argentina. These regions allow you to experience a large variety of activities and to get to know more about our culture.
So don’t just read about our country, book your trip with us and build the perfect memories!

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Liberty Latam is specialized in MICE, Leisure and Cruises, taking charge of the arrangements for your corporate travel for groups and individual travelers. Our highly qualified professionals are always ready to put together the best itineraries for the most demanding clients, using their creativity and knowledge to create a personalized program.

We handle clients from all over the World -- France, United States, Italy, Israel, Holland, Russia, Poland, besides other countries. Providing VIP exclusive incentive packages with customized programs.

We believe we understand your needs and requirements better than our competitors and we strive to help you achieve YOUR objectives as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.
We do this by developing relationships over time with both suppliers, venues and, of course, clients and partner agencies.

Our commitment to you is to serve a professional, transparent and honest way of recommending the best for you and your groups, so that when you return to your country you will remain with gratitude and a beautiful memory of the experience lived with us in the picked destination.
And be sure we never give up – and we won't stop trying until we have the perfect program in place for you.

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  • The European Buenos Aires
  • Good Wines
  • Patagonia Mystique
  • Delicious Food
  • Shop until you drop!

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