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Forge Unforgettable MICE Adventures in Uzbekistan with Liberty Uzbekistan DMC

Step into Uzbekistan’s mosaic of epic landscapes and ancient citadels, where Liberty Central Asia, part of Liberty Azerbaijan, serves as your expert guide to this heart of Central Asia. Whether exploring the bustling markets of Tashkent, the majestic blue domes of Samarkand, or the historical richness of Bukhara, Uzbekistan offers a canvas for creating uniquely compelling MICE experiences.

Engage with the energy of Tashkent where historic meets modern in a vibrant urban tableau. Traverse the legendary Silk Road cities, rich with historical narratives perfect for educational excursions and inspirational corporate gatherings. Scale the celestial heights of the Tien Shan and Pamir mountains, offering thrilling escapades and team bonding in the wilderness.

Relish the culinary heritage of Uzbekistan, from the robust flavours of pilaf to the sizzling grills of shashlik, each meal narrates a story of Silk Road spice routes. Venture through local vineyards or participate in artisan bread-making sessions to connect with age-old Uzbek traditions.

Envision your team navigating desert trails on camelback, or unwinding in a luxury yurt camp under the vast starlit sky. With Liberty Central Asia, every itinerary is an opportunity to weave unforgettable narratives, turning the stunning natural and architectural backdrops of Uzbekistan into epicentres of meaningful MICE events.

Our seasoned team, with deep-rooted expertise and an intimate understanding of Central Asia’s nuances, crafts customised itineraries that surpass expectations and forge lasting memories. Whether aiming for cultural depth, gastronomic explorations, or adventurous team-building, our experiences are tailored to fit your group’s specific desires and goals.

Reach out to Uzbekistan’s foremost DMC today. Let us unlock the treasures of Central Asia and craft a singularly spectacular MICE voyage.

  • Top experiences not to be missed in Uzbekistan:
  • Tashkent’s Cultural Mélange: Dive into the capital's eclectic mix of modern dynamics and Soviet-era influences.
  • Samarkand’s Timeless Splendour: Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Registan Square and its surrounding marvels.
  • Bukhara’s Living Museum: Meander through ancient streets lined with architectural wonders and bustling markets.
  • Thrills in the Mountains: Tackle the challenging terrains of Uzbekistan’s famed mountain ranges.
  • Khiva’s Architectural Wonders: Spend an evening in the walled inner city, absorbing centuries of history.
Capital City Tashkent
Region Central Asia
Languages Uzbek predominantly, with Russian also widely spoken
Timezone Uzbekistan Time (UTC+5)
Currency Uzbekistani Som (UZS)
Main Airports Tashkent International Airport (TAS), and other regional hubs

Liberty Central Asia prides itself on facilitating immersive, bespoke travel experiences that resonate with personal and corporate objectives alike. From exclusive access to historical sites to arranging luxurious stays and interactive cultural workshops, our offerings are curated to ensure a profound connection with Uzbekistan’s heritage and landscapes. Our proficient, multilingual team guarantees meticulous planning and personalised service, ensuring your travel experience is both seamless and richly rewarding.


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