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Adriatic region, also referred to as the Balkans, is the Eastern part along the Adriatic Sea. It is an epic combination of castles and romantic squares with historic towns, wondrous landscapes and never-ending sea. The history and tradition here could not be richer, people could not be kinder, the nature could not be more stunning, the attractive towns could not be more charming and mighty mountains could not be sprinkled with more beautiful forests and more pleasant lakes. Here you can connect with village life, immerse yourself in urban centers and get active with countless outdoor pursuits. This is your chance to discover what still feels like a well-kept secret.
If you compare the region to other European countries, it is the diversity that will blow you away.
Capitals are not as big as in the rest of Europe, that is true, but they are cuter, safer and easier to explore.
Restaurants might not be as pompous as Michelin stars restaurants in big cities all over the world, but the food is something that amaze all foreigners and you can afford to eat superb slow food from world known chefs every day.
The sea might not have hundreds of tropical fishes, but it is pleasantly warm, clean and it has more than 1.200 spectacular islands.
One might say that it is possible to find marvelous nature everywhere in the world, but nowhere in Europe one can experience so many diverse and unique places in such short period of time.

Office info

Liberty Adriatic has been dealing with local suppliers and gathering deep knowledge of the local market since 2003, when the first office in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has opened. Several years later we have added to our portfolio a branch office in Belgrade, Serbia, and later also branch offices in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Croatia. With regional expertise we are offering the full range of DMC and Leisure services in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.
Our office is widely recognized as one of the region’s leading DMCs. We are the first one in South-East Europe being certified by Green Globe and one of the top 5,6% companies in Slovenia that show high business excellence. We received a Credit worthiness certificate intended for the best companies with high ethical standards, strong ability to meet current payment obligations and quality services or products. We are also a proud award winner, given by the Slovenian Tourist Board for the most creative and innovative achievements in tourism. Our special expertise are social responsible and sustainable products.
With a personal touch we prepare unforgettable moments. You name it, we do it. Besides, we love what we do. This is why our clients enjoy working with us.

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5 reasons

  • Diversity that will blow you away
  • Stunningly beautiful nature, easily and quickly accessible
  • Safe and impressive capitals with rich historical heritage
  • Excellent gastronomy and wine for very reasonable rates
  • Most hospitable, warm and friendly people in Europe

Head office in Slovenia

Dunajska cesta 109,
Slovenia Adriatic
00386 12321171
Mr. Bostjan Horjak
CEO Adriatic

    Branch offices in:

    • Croatia/ Dubrovnik
    • Serbia/ Belgrade
    • Montenegro/ Herceg Novi

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