What is happening with the Pent-up Travel Demand?

Well! The simplest answer would be that travelers who have been cooped up at home for years because of travel restrictions are now asking for a “GOAT" travel experience.

Greatest-of-all-time Travel Experience.

But in travel and hospitality, nothing is as easy as it sounds. Be it MICE travelers looking for leisure and adventure or FIT travelers with a specific itinerary, travel decisions are now hugely influenced by the “experience” factor. It’s not traveling for the sake of traveling. It's all about having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And it is this definition of “experience” that gets tricky. 


So, let’s explore what the “GOAT” travel experience entails.


1. Adventure Travel

Today's travelers don't want to settle for the typical fly, check-in, explore, and return travel experience. Now they want more exhilarating experiences. Theme-based vacations, experiential tours, and nostalgic getaways are becoming increasingly popular as travelers decide what type of memories they want to create. It is important to note that travelers are looking for more adventure and thrill-based travel experiences that give them the feeling of being in the wild or in the embrace of nature. Experiences such as hiking, biking, and kayaking are among the most sought-after activities.

Some of the best Places to consider are Portugal, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, and Peru. As a matter of fact, Liberty Peru & Latam can provide a wide variety of outdoor activities for individuals who are adventurous in nature.


2. Immersive Travel

Even travelers, who usually opt for more chilled-out and relaxed vacations, prefer being close to nature. Rather than luxury premium suites, eco-friendly lodges are becoming more popular among conscious travelers who care more about the environment. These travelers prefer using environmentally friendly means of transportation, protecting the environment, and observing the customs, traditions, and cultures of the region.  


Iceland, East Africa, and Ecuador are considered ideal for Immersive Travel experiences. With its volcano island's breath-taking nature, hot springs, and dramatic scenery, Liberty Iceland offers the most authentic experience. 


3. Slow & Long Tours

Short trips and quick getaways are no longer considered worthwhile. The new breed of travelers is no longer looking at a destination as a checklist. Rather, they prefer exploring the world, accumulating transcending experiences, and returning with memories to last a lifetime. These travelers prefer taking a longer, more meaningful trip to a one-of-a-kind destination. They prefer getting to know the culture and traditions of the place they visit firsthand.


Destinations such as India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bhutan have been known to attract travelers who look for transcending experiences. The Liberty India tour program, for instance, offers a distinct travel experience with a diverse spectrum, including wildlife safaris and Ayurvedic therapies, photography and fishing trips, and tours of the most exotic places.


4. The Silver Screen Places

Due to the online streaming culture, travelers are now able to see places they have never seen before. As a result of previews from their favorite shows and movies, travel destinations that weren't on the radar are being added to the bucket list. Beautiful visuals of wild terrains, scenic locales, and unique cultures have inspired travelers to explore them for themselves.

Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Spain are just a few of cinematic explored destinations that effortlessly makes into every traveler’s bucket list. 

Liberty New Zealand can definitely enchant the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien with a guided walking tour of Hobbiton, as featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies. On the other hand, the Liberty Ireland team can help GoT fans visit the mesmerizing places of George RR Martin's world.