Unveiling MICE Innovations with Liberty's Leaders at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

Step Into the Future of MICE with liberty DMC at IMEX Frankfurt

From May 14-16, 2024, join  us at IMEX Frankfurt, where Liberty International Tourism Group showcases groundbreaking MICE strategies. This year, we're excited to highlight how our visionary leaders are driving the MICE sector forward with their innovative approaches and commitment to sustainability.


Introducing Liberty's MICE Visionaries

Briss Mathur: Transforming Swiss MICE

Briss Mathur, in just two years, has redefined Liberty Switzerland by integrating the nation’s deep-rooted traditions with modern MICE methodologies. Briss is turning Switzerland into a hub for both high-altitude meetings and urban business conferences, all while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.

Here is the reason to meet Briss Mathur at IMEX: Discover how Switzerland is innovating in the MICE space under Briss’s leadership.


Carlos Sabate: Crafting Spanish MICE Excellence

Carlos Sabate blends rich Spanish cultural heritage with contemporary MICE solutions, setting new standards for unique and sustainable business events. Under his leadership, Liberty Spain is enhancing its global MICE appeal, emphasising eco-friendly practices and cultural depth.

Here is the reason to meet Carlos Sabate at IMEX: Experience the fusion of Spanish tradition and cutting-edge MICE solutions.


Dagmar Oegg: Central Europe’s MICE Maestro

With over 27 years of experience, Dagmar Oegg expertly combines the unique offerings of Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary into a cohesive MICE experience. Her efforts to promote sustainable travel practices ensure that Central Europe's beauty and cultural integrity continue to thrive and attract MICE activities.

Here is the reason to meet Dagmar Oegg at IMEX: See how Dagmar is leading the sustainable transformation of MICE in Central Europe.


Meet Liberty’s Pioneers at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

Join us at Booth C490 to meet Briss Mathur, Carlos Sabate, and Dagmar Oegg, who are just a few of Liberty's leaders making significant impacts in the MICE industry. Their strategies and visions exemplify our commitment to creating sustainable and innovative MICE solutions that cater to a global audience.

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At IMEX Frankfurt 2024, experience how Liberty International is not just participating in the evolution of the MICE industry but actively shaping its future. Discover innovative MICE strategies, engage in meaningful dialogues, and build lasting partnerships that will propel your business into new dimensions of success.

Join us in pioneering the sustainable and innovative frontier of the MICE industry at IMEX 2024.