Sustainable Discoveries in Hong Kong

Join us and Liberty Hong Kong CEO Portia Hau in the heart of Hong Kong's green revolution. This vibrant cosmopolitan city is pioneering urban eco-tourism, seamlessly blending traditional dynamism with innovative environmental initiatives under the guidance of Liberty International Tourism Group.

Victoria Harbour: Urban Sustainability Unfolds

Witness the transformation of Victoria Harbour, where the iconic skyline becomes a symbol of sustainable living. This waterfront is leading the charge in eco-conscious urban development, showcasing how history and modern sustainability can intertwine beautifully.

Lantau Island: Eco-Tourism's Pristine Retreat

Lantau Island offers a serene escape, highlighting Hong Kong's dedication to preserving natural beauty amidst urban growth. Explore eco-tourism attractions and pristine parks that protect the island's natural treasures.

Hong Kong Geopark: Preserving Natural Legacies

The Hong Kong Geopark stands as a guardian of the region's geological wonders, emphasizing the importance of conserving natural heritage. It offers a unique journey through Hong Kong's extraordinary geological history, protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

Kowloon: A Green Oasis in the Urban Jungle

Kowloon is transforming into a green oasis where sustainability initiatives flourish among the urban sprawl. Experience the district's commitment to green spaces and sustainable living, proving that even the busiest areas can embrace eco-friendly practices.

Urban Green Trails: Hong Kong's Natural Pathways

Discover the tranquil green trails hidden within the city's hustle, offering peaceful escapes and highlighting Hong Kong's commitment to creating breathable, green spaces for both residents and visitors.

Embark on a Sustainable Journey with Liberty and Portia Hau

Under the leadership of Portia Hau, CEO of Liberty Hong Kong, we invite you to explore Hong Kong's sustainable transformation. Together, we'll uncover how this iconic city-state is blending innovation with environmental stewardship to offer a unique and sustainable travel experience.

Ready to discover the greener side of Hong Kong with Liberty? Connect with us for an exploration that's not just a journey through space, but a leap toward a sustainable future.

Connect with us for a green exploration of Hong Kong at Hongkong@Liberty-int.com or visit our website at www.Liberty-int.com. Let's pave the way to a sustainable future together.