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Discover how our hosted buyers are expanding global MICE horizons. Engage with them to uncover new business opportunities and gain insights into the latest industry trends.

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Join conversations with Liberty’s seasoned professionals who are dedicated to elevating the MICE sector through innovative practices and sustainable solutions.



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Leadership Showcase at IMEX:

Engage with our group leaders, who are setting new standards in the MICE industry with their forward-thinking strategies and impactful leadership.

Group Leaders to Meet:

  • Alexandre Leitao - Redefining the possibilities in Portugal's MICE Scene

  • Carmen Pinto - Driving MICE futures with every connection.

  • Marc Haeni - Crafting today’s strategies for tomorrow’s success.

  • Fernando Filet - Driving MICE excellence in Brazil with innovative approaches and strategic partnerships.


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Visit us at IMEX Frankfurt 2024 to explore how our hosted buyers, esteemed visitors, and group leaders are pioneering a more innovative and interconnected MICE industry. Engage with our experts to discover new opportunities and collaborative potential that can elevate your business to global standards.


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