MICE and Team Building - Interdependent and Interconnected

Team Building Events are somewhat a synonym to almost every MICE event. Be it a board meeting of 10 or an incentive itinerary of 100+, team-building activities are a “must to include” component for every human-centric organization. Such events certainly boost the motivation level of the participants, however, it is the organizing team that can benefit the most by decoding the “I” of the “Incentive” and building seamless programs for everyone attending.

Let’s take a look at these other I’s, and together find ways to incorporate them all in your next Incentive Meet: 

  • Identifying leaders - Team activities are one of the most effective ways to identify the strengths & challenges of your workforce. If planned with a laser-focused strategy, every activity can help organizations to identify potential leaders and help them build a robust career progression plan as a result.
  • Inspiring collaboration - “Team that builds together grows together”, is an old saying but relevant even today as most humans thrive on collaborative energy. When multiple strengths are brought together to achieve a common goal, inspiring collaborations are destined to happen.
  • Improving interdepartmental interactions - As evolved as we are as humans, we still risk sliding in tunnel vision from time to time, especially at work. An offbeat interaction or an out-of-the-box activity however can greatly help gain perspective of the bigger picture. This is one of the tried and tested methods to improve interdepartmental interactions and promote cross-functional support by many great places to work.
  • Increasing productivity - It is a known fact that engaged minds are the most committed minds and commitment always results in productivity. Hence needless to say but Happy Teams, Happy Clients!
  • Infusing interdependent work culture - Apart from taking pride in our individual achievements, a well-organized activity can also infuse empathy and appreciation towards every team member. This can help your clients promote an interdependent culture and mutual respect across the board.


We at Liberty understand the value of building a team hence all our team building solutions are engagement and experience-driven. Our team of experts pay close attention to the profiles of every attendee, before curating a unique experience for everyone involved. 


Let’s curate something unique, just for you!