MICE Industry Leaders Unite at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

Join us at IMEX Frankfurt from May 14-16, 2024, where Liberty International Tourism Group is excited to present our distinguished leaders who are at the forefront of the MICE industry. This year, we are proud to highlight Maelle Feugas, Radek Kowalczyk, Stella Tinika, and Shasa Corcoran, each championing transformative practices and sustainability in their regions.

Maelle Feugas: Elevating MICE in BeNeLux

Maelle Feugas has been instrumental in enhancing the MICE landscape across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, integrating cutting-edge solutions to elevate each event.

Why Meet Maelle at IMEX?

  • Innovative Leadership: Experience how Maelle's strategies are transforming BeNeLux's approach to MICE.

  • Sustainability Advocate: Discover Maelle's commitment to eco-friendly event solutions.

  • Global Connectivity: Learn about her efforts to enhance BeNeLux's position in the international MICE market.

  • Cultural Integration: See how she incorporates local culture into world-class business gatherings.


Radek Kowalczyk: Transforming Poland’s MICE Sector

Radek Kowalczyk has redefined Poland's MICE offerings, blending rich historical elements with modern efficiency to create unmatched event experiences.

Why Meet Radek at IMEX?

  • Cultural Innovator: Understand how Radek uses Poland’s unique heritage to enrich MICE events.

  • Sustainability Leader: Explore his initiatives to make Poland a green meeting destination.

  • Builder of Bridges: Gain insights into his strategies for fostering international MICE partnerships.


Stella Tinika: Redefining MICE in the Baltic States

Stella Tinika has reshaped MICE operations in the Baltic States, bringing innovative solutions that combine the region’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary business needs.

Why Meet Stella at IMEX?

  • Strategic Visionary: Learn from Stella's approach to elevating the Baltic MICE industry.

  • Venue Curator: Discover how she transforms unique locations into premier event spaces.

  • Network Enhancer: See how she strengthens business connections within and beyond the Baltics.


Shasa Corcoran: Elevating East Africa’s MICE Industry

Shasa Corcoran is driving East Africa’s emergence as a prime MICE destination through sustainable and innovative event strategies.

Why Meet Shasa at IMEX?

  • Sustainable Focus: Witness how Shasa integrates environmental considerations into event planning.

  • Innovative Strategies: Get a close look at his dynamic approaches to MICE in East Africa.

  • Cultural Promoter: Understand his role in highlighting East Africa’s cultural and business potential.

Join Us at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

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At IMEX Frankfurt 2024, experience how Liberty International Tourism Group is not just participating but actively leading the evolution of the MICE industry through sustainability, cultural integrity, and innovative business strategies. Meet Maelle, Radek, Stella, and Shasa to see how our leaders are paving the way for an innovative and sustainable future in MICE.