Liberty International’s Blueprint for MICE Success at IMEX 2024

Greetings from Onno Muller at Liberty International Tourism Group,

As we approach the prestigious IMEX Frankfurt 2024, scheduled for May 14-16, I am personally excited to extend an invitation for you to join us at this cornerstone event. We are eager to showcase groundbreaking developments in the MICE industry at booth C490, where our dedicated team looks forward to connecting with you and sharing our latest offerings.


As the Director of Global Business Development at Liberty International, I am thrilled to lead our vibrant team into an exciting presentation at IMEX Frankfurt. It is my privilege to share insights into the strategic preparations we have made and the innovative experiences that await our visitors at the event.

Reflecting on Our Last IMEX Experience

Last year at IMEX Frankfurt was a milestone for Liberty International Tourism Group. The overwhelming engagement at our booth and the opportunity to reconnect with old friends while forging new partnerships were the true highlights. These interactions not only enriched our network but also translated into significant business opportunities, underscoring the event's value to our growth and outreach.

Achievements from Our Last Attendance

Our presence at the last IMEX proved to be extraordinarily fruitful. We successfully met our goals, securing numerous high-quality appointments and earning the trust of many new clients. This trust has since materialised into substantial inquiries and tangible business, which continues to drive our momentum forward.

Setting Our Sights on IMEX Frankfurt 2024

This year, we are poised to deepen those established connections and showcase the latest advancements in our DMC services. We aim to share our enriched portfolio and introduce attendees to our innovative approaches, ensuring every interaction at our booth is both enlightening and memorable.

Introducing New Products and Services

We're excited to unveil a host of new destinations and services at IMEX 2024. I invite you to join us at Booth C490, where we will discuss how these new offerings can enhance your event experiences and operational success.

Enhancing Our Booth Engagement

In 2024, authenticity will remain at the core of our engagement strategy. With over 20 destination experts from around the globe, we're bringing a slice of the world to our booth. Combined with a tailored social media approach, we anticipate a significant increase in engagement, providing every visitor with a personalised and insightful experience.

Adapting to Current MICE Trends

Responding to the need for greater efficiency in our services, we are integrating AI and digital platforms to enhance responsiveness without sacrificing the personal touch our clients value. These technological advancements are instrumental in refining our service delivery and client interactions.

Exploring Growth Opportunities in MICE

The current high demand across various destinations offers both challenges and opportunities. Liberty International Tourism Group is strategically positioned to navigate these dynamics, guiding our clients toward under-explored yet valuable destinations that promise exceptional experiences without the drawbacks of overcrowded venues.

Why IMEX Is Integral to Our Strategy

IMEX Frankfurt aligns perfectly with our strategic objectives, serving as a platform to connect, share expertise, and showcase our capabilities. It is an essential component of our ongoing strategy to expand our influence and deliver exceptional MICE services globally.



Liberty’s Distinct Approach at IMEX

Our commitment to delivering a 'Personal Touch Worldwide' continues to set us apart. In an industry built on trust and relationships, our personalised approach ensures we meet and exceed expectations, making every client feel uniquely valued.

What Sets Liberty Apart at IMEX

Visiting our booth is like stepping into a global village. With over 50 offices worldwide, and managing programs in more than 100 destinations, we offer unmatched diversity and expertise under one roof.

Looking Beyond IMEX

The future is vibrant for Liberty International Tourism Group as we continue to adapt to rapid technological and market changes. Staying ahead of these trends is paramount to our strategy, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our clients with agility and innovation.

Join Us at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

  • Booth Number: C490

  • Dates: May 14-16, 2024

  • Email: events@liberty-int.com

  • Website: www.Liberty-int.com

As we pave the way forward in the MICE industry, I look forward to personally welcoming you to our booth, where you can experience firsthand how Liberty International Tourism Group is defining the future of global event planning.