Exploring the Heart of China's MICE Cities with Liberty International Tourism Group.

Discover China's premier MICE destinations with Liberty China. From Beijing's historic grandeur to the vibrant modernity of Shanghai, our team, led by Liberty China CEO Portia Hau, is dedicated to crafting extraordinary MICE experiences in these dynamic cities.


Beijing: Where History Meets Modernity

In Beijing, ancient dynastic architecture coexists with the city's rapid urbanization. Host your events with the grandeur of the Forbidden City as your backdrop, complemented by Beijing's state-of-the-art convention centers and luxurious accommodations.

Shanghai: The Cosmopolitan Giant

Shanghai, the bustling "Pearl of the Orient," blends Eastern traditions with Western modernity. It's an ideal locale for global gatherings, offering a rich cultural tapestry along with sophisticated event venues like the Shanghai International Convention Center.

Guangzhou: Cultural Richness and Economic Vigor

Experience Guangzhou's fusion of traditional Cantonese culture and modern dynamism. This economic powerhouse is perfect for trade shows and exhibitions, offering a unique mix of business opportunities and cultural experiences.

Shenzhen: A Hub of Innovation

Shenzhen, a beacon of innovation and technology, is the go-to city for cutting-edge MICE events. Its futuristic skyline and lush parks provide a stimulating environment for creativity and corporate events.

Liberty China: Your MICE Architect

Under the leadership of Portia Hau, Liberty China specializes in creating tailor-made MICE experiences. Our deep local knowledge, combined with a global perspective, ensures your event is not just a meeting, but a memorable journey into the heart of China.

Connect with Portia Hau and Liberty China

Looking to plan a standout MICE event in China? Reach out to Portia Hau and the team at Liberty China. Let us help you craft an event that perfectly blends professional objectives with the rich cultural and modern facets of China's most dynamic cities.