Experiencing history, culture and great hospitality: A trip to India

India is not just a country, it is a continent,"  says my very dear friend Prashant Yadav, and I completely agree. India is not just a travel destination; in fact, India unfolds as a vibrant continent brimming with a diversity that surpasses the collective complexity of Europe. 

My journey began at the bustling heart of New Delhi, where the seamless process of electronic travel authorisation highlighted the country’s strides towards modernity. Within minutes of landing, I felt the welcoming spirit of India, reflecting a tradition of hospitality deeply ingrained in its culture.

Navigating through the streets of New Delhi, the contrast between the historic grandeur and the pulsating pace of modern development was striking.

 India’s narrative is not just scripted in its majestic monuments but also in the everyday lives of its people, who bring vibrancy to its rich tapestry of life. Each state in India, with its distinct language, cuisine, and tradition, contributes to a mosaic that defines the nation’s identity. 

The currency note, embellished with 17 different languages, serves as a testament to this incredible diversity.

The conversation about India’s aviation landscape revealed the ambitious expansion plans of Air India and Indigo, marking a significant era of connectivity. The upcoming surge in direct flights to and from Europe signifies a gateway to exploring India’s multifaceted regions more accessibly. This connectivity not only facilitates travel but also mirrors the country’s growing role on the global stage. One such example would be a seamless organisation of the G20 summit.

My experiences across different locales showcased the exemplary service that India is known for. Despite the global notion of India as a budget-friendly destination, it became clear that the true value lies in the quality of service.

The prices might align with international standards, but the hospitality extended far exceeds, offering a value for money that is unparalleled.

Do you know that sustainability is deeply ingrained in India’s culture? In India, the traditions of eating on banana leaves, storing water in clay pots and copper vessels, and wearing natural fibre clothing like cotton and silk, and many other things showcase a deep-rooted cultural commitment to sustainability. These practices, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, highlight a very smart & sensible understanding of living harmoniously with nature.

India’s canvas offers more than just scenic beauty; it presents a journey into its soul. Whether it’s the architectural marvels, the gastronomic delights, or the spirituality, each experience is a doorway to understanding the essence of India. 

The seamless blend of tradition and modernity in India’s tourism narrative not only captivates the traveller but also instils a sense of belonging.

In retrospect, my trip through India was more than a discovery of places; it was an exploration of narratives, each narrating a different shade of India’s diverse spectrum. 

From the royalty of Rajasthan to the hustle & bustle of Delhi, every region narrated a story, enriching my journey with memories and insights.

Concluding my journey, I am left with a mosaic of experiences that resonate deeply with India’s ethos. The land, characterised by its diversity, cultural richness, and warm hospitality, extends beyond a mere destination; it's a continuous journey of discovery. Each visit unravels new sides, promising endless explorations in this vibrant land. India, with its blend of the ancient and the contemporary, not only offers a journey through time but also a journey into the heart of humanity itself.

As I look forward to my next visit, I am eager to uncover more stories and create new pathways in this incredible land of diversity and tradition.

Maximilian Wenger-Oehn
COO, Liberty International Tourism Group