Discover MICE Opportunities in Brazil and Mexico

Welcome to this edition of Liberty International Tourism Group's newsletter! Here, we're spotlighting two vibrant destinations, each offering unique settings and experiences for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions): Brazil and Mexico.

Explore Brazil: A Hub for MICE Excellence

Explore Brazil: A Hub for MICE Excellence

Brazil is a captivating destination, promising an array of premier venues and dynamic activities suited to the MICE industry. From the bustling cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília to the stunning natural vistas, Brazil DMC serves as an ideal backdrop for both business and leisure.

Key Highlights:

  • Premier Venues: Discover top-tier conference rooms, networking events, and trade shows in modern settings.

  • Innovative Settings: Each event space is designed to cater specifically to the needs of your gathering.

  • Dynamic Activities: Engage your team with creative workshops and activities designed to inspire.

  • Cultural Experiences: Dive into the rich cultural heritage with activities like samba dances and carnival workshops.

  • Natural Adventures: Explore the Amazon, wildlife reserves, and stunning coastlines.

Fernando Filet, CEO of Liberty Brazil DMC, ensures every visit is personalised and memorable. Connect with us at Brazil@Liberty-int.com.

Discover Mexico: Your Next MICE Destination

Discover Mexico: Your Next MICE Destination

Mexico offers a rich tapestry of experiences, blending traditional culture with contemporary MICE facilities. From the historical richness of Mexico City to the tranquil beauty of Cancún and Guadalajara, Mexico DMC invites professionals from all over the world.

Key Highlights:

  • Premier Venues: Modern convention centres and engaging networking events set the stage for your meetings.

  • Cutting-Edge Settings: Versatile meeting spaces equipped with advanced solutions to facilitate your events.

  • Interactive Activities: Energise your team with activities that foster creativity and collaboration.

  • Cultural Encounters: Experience the vibrancy of mariachi performances and Day of the Dead celebrations.

  • Luxury Escapes: From stunning beaches to ancient ruins, Mexico offers exclusive experiences for rewarding top performers.

Barbara Berges, Deputy Manager of Liberty Mexico DMC, is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences. Reach out at Mexico@Liberty-int.com.

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We hope this edition has provided you with a glimpse into the exciting MICE opportunities that Brazil and Mexico have to offer. Whether it's the dynamic business environments or the enriching cultural experiences, Liberty International Tourism Group is here to make your next corporate event unforgettable. Join us next time as we explore more unique MICE destinations across the globe.