Discover MICE Leadership Excellence at IMEX Frankfurt 2024

Join us at IMEX Frankfurt from May 14-16, 2024, where Liberty International Tourism Group will be showcasing our leadership in transforming the global MICE industry. This year, we are proud to present three of our most distinguished leaders who have been instrumental in driving innovation and sustainability within their regions.


Markus Pietrzik: Shaping Germany’s MICE Landscape

With over a decade of steering Liberty Germany, Markus Pietrzik has profoundly impacted the MICE sector by introducing advanced, sustainable practices and leveraging Germany's rich cultural and historical assets. His vision has significantly elevated Germany’s status as a premier host for international business events.

Why Meet Markus at IMEX?

  1. Innovation Leadership: Experience firsthand how Markus's initiatives have transformed the event landscape in Germany.

  2. Sustainability Focus: Learn about the eco-friendly practices Markus champions in the MICE industry.

  3. Strategic Vision: Gain insights into how his strategies are positioning Germany as a hub for high-calibre global business gatherings.

  4. Local Expertise: Discover how Markus’s deep understanding of Germany enhances every event hosted in the region.

  5. Global Outreach: Explore how Germany, under Markus’s leadership, is expanding its influence in the global event market.


Mónica Caporuscio: Redefining MICE in Great Britain, Ireland, and Portugal

Mónica Caporuscio has revitalised the MICE scene across Great Britain, Ireland, and Portugal, introducing sustainable and innovative approaches that merge traditional charm with modern business needs.

Why Meet Mónica at IMEX?

  1. Revitalisation Expert: See how Mónica is transforming event hosting in these regions by integrating sustainability with traditional practices.

  2. Cultural Integration: Witness her approach to making Ireland a centre for eco-friendly, culturally enriched business events.

  3. Innovative Strategies: Learn from her experience in sparking a MICE renaissance in Portugal with cutting-edge technology.

  4. Regional Synergies: Understand how she creates synergies across multiple regions to enhance their collective strengths.

  5. Sustainability Leadership: Discover how her leadership in sustainable practices is setting new standards for events.


Marine Cartier: Elevating French MICE Standards

Marine Cartier has skillfully managed to infuse French elegance with modern MICE strategies, making France a beacon for sophisticated and sustainable international events.

Why Meet Marine at IMEX?

  1. Evolving Business Events: Observe how Marine enhances the sophistication of MICE events in France.

  2. Commitment to Sustainability: Explore the sustainable initiatives that Marine has made standard practice at all events.

  3. Creative Visionary: Be inspired by her ability to transform iconic French locales into stunning venues for global gatherings.


Kamran Shafique: Revolutionizing MICE in Thailand

With a dynamic blend of local culture and cutting-edge technology, Kamran Shafique, Managing Director at Liberty Thailand, has profoundly transformed the MICE landscape. His initiatives have established Thailand as a central hub for sustainable and technologically advanced international business events.

Why Meet Kamran at IMEX?

  • Elevating Thai Events: Kamran has seamlessly integrated Thailand’s cultural allure with modern technological solutions, creating memorable and impactful events.

  • Leader in Regional Integration: He spearheads efforts that enhance cooperation across Southeast Asia, promoting regional growth.

  • Innovator of Sustainable Solutions: Under Kamran’s leadership, sustainability is a priority, with green practices embedded in every aspect of event planning to protect Thailand’s natural beauty.

  • Architect of Modern MICE Facilities: Kamran has been pivotal in developing state-of-the-art venues that cater to global standards, thereby raising the bar in the MICE industry.

  • Pioneer of Business Events Excellence: His strategic approach ensures that each event not only meets but exceeds client expectations, providing significant business value and enhancing client success.


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Don’t miss the chance to meet these industry leaders and many more from our global team. They are eager to share their insights and discuss the innovative trends shaping the future of international business events.

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At IMEX Frankfurt 2024, Liberty DMC is not just participating; we are leading the charge in evolving the MICE industry through sustainability, cultural integrity, and advanced business strategies. Join us to see how our leaders like Markus, Mónica, Kamran Shafique and Marine are paving the way for a more innovative and sustainable future in MICE.