Best Incentive Destinations For Team Building

The holiday season is upon us. At least for most of the people out there. For the Tourism Industry, it’s just the beginning of a busy month. With companies planning various last-minute incentive trips, it could also become the most overwhelming time of the year.


Companies often plan an Incentive vacation for their teams, given that it is a great way to thank your team for a job well done throughout the year.


Yet, every incentive trip must be created with the goal of enabling the team to connect, network, learn, and develop stronger relationships while taking advantage of a stress-free environment.


As If that is not enough, there is the difficult decision of zeroing in on the destination of choice from the endless options. So, we at Liberty International Tourism Group decided to help you plan a perfect incentive tour for your clients. Our team of experts and customers across various industries recommended the best places for a holiday. From beautiful beaches and scenic mountains to historical landmarks and cultural centers, we received a wide variety of responses.


Here are our top 10 incentive destinations for team building:




South Africa

New Zealand

Czech Republic








Whether your clients want to take their employees on a team-building excursion or to help them unwind and re-energize before they start working again, this list of the top incentive travel locations will be useful to you the next time you are looking for a destination of choice for your clients.


Hope this helps!


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