Affordable Luxury & Eco-Delights: MICE Reimagined in Poland

Think beyond the ordinary and hold your next MICE event in Poland, where history meets modernity, nature stuns, and unique experiences spark inspiration. From majestic mediaeval castles to vibrant modern cities, Poland offers a captivating blend of heritage, culture, and innovative MICE facilities, ensuring every detail of your event is extraordinary.

Step into History:

Host your event in a mediaeval castle, like Kórnik Castle or Malbork, or choose a Renaissance gem like Krzyżtopór Castle.

Experience the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a 700-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its awe-inspiring salt sculptures and subterranean concerts. Become a miner for a day and explore the fascinating history of salt extraction.

Nature's Embrace:

Hike the majestic Tatra Mountains, ski down snowy slopes, or soak in thermal springs amidst breathtaking scenery.

Navigate the crystalline waters of the Masurian Lakes in a kayak, surrounded by lush greenery and serene tranquillity.

Find peace in the untouched beauty of the Bieszczady Mountains, ideal for hiking, cycling, and stargazing.

Sustainable MICE Delights:

Savour a coffee break with purpose at an art-filled cafe staffed by people with disabilities. Participate in a ceramics workshop, creating unique souvenirs while supporting a good cause.

Master the art of pierogi in a hands-on dumpling workshop. Learn traditional recipes and donate your creations to those in need.

Build pet kennels, birdhouses, or forest feeders alongside your team, contributing to animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Beyond the Expected:

Walrus in the Black Trout Adit, an illuminated underwater cave, for a truly unique experience.

Take a ride on a retro "cucumber" bus, a quirky symbol of Polish transportation.

Meet a Sarmatian warrior from the 16th century and solve historical puzzles in a unique team-building activity.

Learn to dance the Polonaise, a traditional Polish dance, and immerse yourself in local culture.

Unleash your creativity with graffiti workshops, leaving a vibrant mark on public spaces.

MICE Facilities for Every Need:

State-of-the-art conference centres like Krakow's ICE Congress Centre and Warsaw's EXPO XXI offer modern amenities and professional services.

Historical venues like Krakow's Cloth Hall and Warsaw's Royal Castle provide exceptional ambiance for memorable events.

Unique locations like lakeside residences and mountain lodges offer escape from the ordinary and inspire new ideas.

Affordable Luxury:

Poland remains a budget-friendly destination for MICE events, offering excellent value for money. Enjoy top-notch service, exceptional cuisine, and diverse experiences without breaking the bank.

Culinary Delights:

Embark on a food tour through Krakow or Warsaw, sampling traditional dishes like pierogi, kielbasa, and regional specialties.

Dine at Michelin-starred restaurants like Atelier Amaro in Warsaw or Senses in Krakow, for a truly gourmet experience.

Enjoy farm-to-table meals at local restaurants, showcasing the freshest ingredients and Polish culinary heritage.

Krakow and Warsaw:

Explore Krakow's charming Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover its blend of mediaeval and Renaissance architecture.

Visit Warsaw's iconic landmarks, like the Palace of Culture and Science and the Royal Castle, and witness the city's contemporary dynamism.

MICE Planners Haven:

Book your next MICE event in Poland by contacting Radek Kowalczyk who will help you plan unique team-building activities such as a coffee break at an art-filled cafe supporting people with disabilities.

Green Initiatives:

Build miniature forests in glass terrariums, craft vibrant hanging gardens, or cultivate fragrant herb havens in pots. Learn to make natural bath products, paint reusable eco-bags, or unleash your inner artist with decoupage workshops on various materials. Each activity minimises waste and leaves a positive impact.

Empower & Uplift:

First Aid & Self-Defense Training: Equip your team with valuable life skills, fostering confidence and a sense of community. Master basic first aid techniques and learn practical self-defence manoeuvres, promoting preparedness and well-being.

Musical Collaboration: Create lasting memories with workshops led by professional musicians. Compose and perform a heartwarming concert at a local senior's home, spreading joy and connecting generations through the power of music.

Community Art Projects: Channel your team's creative energy into vibrant graffiti workshops. Collaborate on painting public walls, revitalising spaces and leaving a lasting mark on the community.

Get in touch with our local destination expert @RADEK or email at Poland@liberty-int.com and let’s get started with curating the best MICE experiences for your clients in Poland.