Advancing Sustainability in Sri Lanka's Tourism with Liberty International Tourism Group

Embark on a journey to the emerald isle of Sri Lanka, a place where the spirit of sustainability breathes life into every travel experience. Liberty DMC is thrilled to guide you through Sri Lanka’s stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant communities, all thriving under the banner of sustainable tourism.

Sigiriya: The Eco-conscious Fortress

Marvel at the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, enveloped by organic gardens and dedicated preservation efforts. This iconic site stands as a testament to Sri Lanka's commitment to marrying historical wonder with environmental stewardship.

Yala National Park: Mindful Wildlife Encounters

Venture into the wild domains of Yala National Park, where safaris are conducted with the utmost respect for the diverse habitats and their inhabitants. Experience the thrill of wildlife observation, which prioritises ecological integrity and animal welfare.

Ella: Sustainable Living in the Clouds

Soak in the breathtaking views from eco-lodges nestled in the highlands of Ella. These serene retreats offer a chance to live sustainably while engaging with local communities, ensuring that your stay contributes positively to the hill country's ecosystem and its people.

Galle: A Legacy of Conservation

Stroll through the historic streets of Galle Fort, where efforts to conserve cultural heritage blend seamlessly with responsible tourism. Discover a city that honours its past while embracing the present, ensuring that its stories endure for future generations.


Dambulla: The Essence of Agro-Tourism

Indulge in the farm-to-table experiences of Dambulla, where organic farms showcase the best of sustainable agriculture. Taste the freshness of locally grown produce, and learn about the importance of agro-tourism in supporting healthy ecosystems and communities.

Join us in Sri Lanka’s Green Revolution

Liberty invites you to explore the sustainable heart of Sri Lanka, where every destination speaks volumes about the island's dedication to protecting its natural beauty and cultural treasures. Together, we can tread lightly on the earth while uncovering the wonders of this magical land.

Ready to experience Sri Lanka’s commitment to eco-friendly travel? Connect with us to learn more about how your journey can support sustainable tourism initiatives.

For a sustainable exploration of Sri Lanka, reach out to us at Srilanka@Liberty-int.com or visit our website at www.Liberty-int.com. Let’s embrace the beauty of Sri Lanka responsibly.