7 Unconventional Tourist Destinations to explore in 2023

The world is ever-changing, and so is the landscape of tourism. What was popular yesterday may not be popular today, and what is popular today may not be popular tomorrow. That's why it's important to stay ahead of the curve and be on the lookout for new and exciting destinations to explore.


If you're looking for something different to do on your next Leisure Tour, why not consider one of these five unconventional destinations?


St. Helena

The island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean might be the perfect place for your next off-the-beaten-path adventure. With a population of just over 4,000, this British overseas territory is one of the most isolated islands on earth. Even though St. Helena is a small island, it offers a variety of attractions, including breathtaking beaches, hiking trails, and historical landmarks. Among the island's most popular tourist attractions is the Plantation House, which served as Napoleon Bonaparte's home.

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St. Helena


The Isle of Skye, named ‘cloud island’ in Old Norse, is the second-largest of Scotland’s islands but undoubtedly the most beautiful. A jumbled mess of mysterious moors, jagged mountain peaks, deep lochs, and towering sea cliffs that has drawn tourists in for centuries. It has many popular attractions, including Uig, Kilt Rock, Old Man of Storr, making it well worth a visit.


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