Personalized air charter services for a seamless and stress-free travel experience.


We offer personalized air charter services for corporations and individuals that value convenience, flexibility, privacy and a one-stop-shop solution. With access to every commercially registered aircraft in the world, 70 local offices and round-the-clock flight management, we offer customized itineraries, so you can get to your destination on your schedule.

We select the airport that is nearest to your destination of choice, eliminating time loss and travel fatigue. Complex, expensive on-ground transportation can be minimized which in turn makes your meetings efficient and memorable. As an event organizer, you get one less thing to worry about. Our local DMC office and flight dispatchers handle the internal coordination from A to Z while you can concentrate on the content and experience.

Our flights are offered with carbon offsetting programs and sustainable aviation fuel options.

  • Private Jet Charter: Renting a luxorious aircraft for corporate groups or individuals (1-19 pax) with highly personalized service and amenities.

  • Group Charter: Traveling on chartered airliners in groups (19-500 pax per aircraft) for corporate events, sports, incentive travel or special occasions.

  • Helicopter and Air Taxi: A convenient mode of transport for sightseeing, transfers and corporate events (1-8 pax per aircraft).

  • Air Ambulance and Medical repatriation: Medium- to High care, bed-to-bed and up to 8 pax with medical crew, patient and relative.

  • Cargo Charter: Transportation of cargo, equipment or supplies for corporate events, film,  music productions, or other industries.


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