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The United States is an absolute “watercolor masterpiece”. Towering forests, fields, high-plain deserts, pulsating metropolises and unique oases define the USA. Twenty major cities dot the landscape and no two are alike. This “Land of Opportunity” is an easy place to adapt to for there is something for every interest, reason and budget. The Incentive client is at ease as are those attending a corporate meeting. The USA is that special blend of classic, modern, trendy and exciting all at the same time.
Majestic locations mean there is always something new, something to awe you. Maybe the beaches, natural wonders or manmade attractions like Disneyland, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Hollywood. Maybe it’s the special buzz found in New York, Las Vegas, or Miami. It’s why corporate and leisure clients select the US as one of the most memorable places to visit.
For the incentive, the United States is the perfect option as it offers every imaginable activity and tour. Four seasons, beaches, mountains, valleys and deserts, mega cities and small towns. Meetings, Incentives and Tourism focus on the ‘Top 20’: New York, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the sunshine states of California, Florida and Hawaii and the coastal cities of Boston, Seattle and San Diego.
Few if any places offer the relaxed diversity found in the US. English is our official language yet we speak over 250 languages and dialects; and offer over 350 different food types. A melting pot, the United States is home to worldwide peoples –it might be the Chinese in San Francisco, Cubans in Miami, Polish in Chicago, Irish in Boston, Spanish speaking in a dozen locations. Visitors seek excitement, fun, safety, welcoming way of life and democratic government. The USA is a land where every nationality, culture, religion, race and interest finds themselves welcome.

Office info

Liberty USA, ideally headquartered in midtown New York City, with satellite locations on the west and southern coasts of the USA, has limitless advantages from which we serve the entire USA and Canada. In New York, we welcome the best, key suppliers from around the nation- hotels, venues, attractions and restaurants to our office several times each week to showcase their services. To be in New York is to be exposed to the latest and very best that the industry has to offer; giving us a privileged, direct relationship with the suppliers and an ability to offer special client programs. And then monthly or more often, a team member visits a major city to further refine our delivery. Ours is a multicity mentality of best practices, where we know the best options for a client. One language, one set of laws and great communication make coast to coast service deliverable.
Our scope of service extends to our staff- a melting pot of cultures and skills set within a fully professional, family oriented team where each individual brings skills important to team success while assisting each other to deliver the best programs. With these platforms, we have the knowledge of foreign customs, languages and client expectations; and when combined with our American experience, we excel at client programs.

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5 reasons

  • “Power” cities and incredible landscapes
  • A year-round destination - 4 seasons
  • Gastronomic delights from 350+ ethnic food groups
  • Unique Attractions: Disneyworld, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas etc
  • The sights and sounds: American Way of Life

Head Office USA

8810 Commodity Circle, Suite 28,
Orlando, FL. 32819
United States
001 3213190806
Iris Langanke
United States
United States

    Branch offices in:

    • New York- New York City
    • Florida- Miami
    • Nevada- Las Vegas

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