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A land like no other and the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a haven for travellers with year-round good weather and a host of adventures to choose from. From a romantic beachside holiday to a sightseeing tour with friends and a family vacation to the hills, the country caters to varied interests. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that one can go from a sunny beach to the cooler hills within a matter of hours – with much to be explored along the way. Explore the city by tuk-tuk, surf monster waves in the east coast, trek the hills of the central province, catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka’s big 4 (elephant, leopard, sloth bear and blue whale), taste yummy local cuisines, explore the stunning UNESCO Heritage sights, paddle along the Mahaweli river and fall in love with the exotic wildlife. Sri Lanka is one of those places where days flow by like minutes, leaving you wondering where the time went. Come and experience the magic!

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Our aim at Liberty Sri Lanka & Maldives is to design unforgettable holiday experiences that go beyond regular tour packages to Sri Lanka. The young and innovative team members are seasoned travelers and explorers themselves with deep insights into the island, its landscapes and people. This is the company's real strength, as it enables them to create one-of-a-kind travel experiences for our clients. While keen attention to detail and providing the best rates, Liberty Sri Lanka & Maldives always strives to practice sustainable tourism.

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5 reasons

  • Wildlife encounters like no other
  • Multicultural cuisine
  • Benefits of Ayurvedic medicine
  • White sand beaches and crystal blue waters
  • Varied landscapes – from pristine beaches to picturesque hills

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