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Peru is a country located in in the west area of South America, bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, southeast by Chile and Bolivia, east by Brazil and west by the Pacific Ocean.

Our geography is one of the most complex in the world. It is divided into the Costa region, the Sierra region and the Selva region, resulting in 28 different climates and more than 82 different microclimates, which makes it the richest in the world.

The mix of different creeds, customs and experiences have created close to 3,000 annual popular festivals in Peru, including patron saint feasts, processions, carnivals and rituals, encompassing the expression of belief in God, respect for nature and the celebration of freedom.

Peruvian cuisine is another expression of a national identity that embraces multiple cultures co-existing in one territory. Peruvians have become experts at experimenting with new flavors, harmonizing aromas and discovering new ways of cooking.
The diversity of Peru's agricultural production, microclimates, geography, multiple cultures and the genius of its chefs have enriched the culinary nature of Peru to the point where it is now recognized as one of the finest expressions of the global cuisine. Some typical Peruvian dishes are ceviche, anticuchos, pachamanca and lomo saltado.

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We are specialized in Incentive & Meetings, Congress, Events, Leisure and Cruises and we are sure that your passengers will be safe in a good hand. We have highly qualified professionals who will attend your quotation and booking requirements with a responsible answer.
Our mission is serve our customers in a professional, transparent and honest way recommending the best for you, so that when you return to your country your will remain with gratitude and a beautiful memory of Peru, and an unforgettable memory for life.

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5 reasons

  • New 7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu
  • New 7 Wonders of Nature: Amazon River
  • World's Leading Culinary Destination
  • Festivals, customs and experiences
  • Mystical & Ecological country

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