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Welcome to the Land of the Incas!
Peru is a country where you can find an exquisite combination of the old and the new, with some mysticism and tradition, all wrapped with the warm and festive hearts of peruvians always ready to welcome you.

Our geography is one of the most complex in the world. It is divided into the Costa region, the Sierra region and the Selva region, resulting in 28 different climates and more than 82 different microclimates, which makes it the richest in the world. Reason why we have a large variety of locations perfect for outdoor activities for the most adventurous travelers.

The mix of different creeds, customs and experiences have created close to 3,000 annual popular festivals in Peru, including patron saint feasts, processions, carnivals and rituals, encompassing the expression of belief in God, respect for nature and the celebration of freedom. Thanks to this, you can guarantee that there will be a festivity full of music, colors and delicious food during your visit!

Peruvian cuisine is another expression of a national identity that embraces multiple cultures co-existing in one territory. Our gastronomy is a reflection of our racial diversity, in combination of special ingredients farmed in our lands since ancient times. Peru being the 8th time winners of World’s Leading Culinary Destination Awards, is more than enough reason to come and experiment with the new flavors and harmonizing aromas present in each one of the meals we offer.

The diversity of Peru's agricultural production, microclimates, geography, multiple cultures and the genius of its chefs have enriched the culinary nature of Peru to the point where it is now recognized as one of the finest expressions of the global cuisine. Some typical Peruvian dishes are ceviche, anticuchos, pachamanca and lomo saltado.

However, we can’t talk about Peru without mentioning the large amount of arqueological locations around each corner, or hidden for the curious ones. Machu Picchu being the most famous, or worldwide known as one of the seven Wonder of The World.

Each one of our cities are built on the foundations of our ancestors, the incas. You can find a reflection of our origins and the spanish influence from the Conquest, making your visit to Peru a whole new experience.

Come get in touch with Pachamama and get the blessing from the sun!

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Liberty Latam is specialized in MICE, Leisure and Cruises, taking charge of the arrangements for your corporate travel for groups and individual travelers. Our highly qualified professionals are always ready to put together the best itineraries for the most demanding clients, using their creativity and knowledge to create a personalized program.

We handle clients from all over the World -- France, United States, Italy, Israel, Holland, Russia, Poland, besides other countries. Providing VIP exclusive incentive packages with customized programs.

We believe we understand your needs and requirements better than our competitors and we strive to help you achieve YOUR objectives as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.
We do this by developing relationships over time with both suppliers, venues and, of course, clients and partner agencies.

Our commitment to you is to serve a professional, transparent and honest way of recommending the best for you and your groups, so that when you return to your country you will remain with gratitude and a beautiful memory of the experience lived with us in the picked destination.
And be sure we never give up – and we won't stop trying until we have the perfect program in place for you.

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  • New 7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu
  • New 7 Wonders of Nature: Amazon River
  • World's Leading Culinary Destination
  • Festivals, customs and experiences
  • Mystical & Ecological country

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