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Cuba is a beauty beyond the paradisiacal beach. Though travelling to Cuba can be challenging, the vibrant cities, rich culture, friendly people, captivating history, wildlife nature, intoxicating music swinging salsa rhythms, smooth rum and delicious Mojitos and more are fair compensation.
Meticulously preserved, Cuba’s colonial cities haven’t changed much since musket-toting pirates stalked the Caribbean. The atmosphere and architecture is particularly stirring in the Unesco-listed cities, Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Camagüey. There, grandiose squares and cobbled streets tell former tales of magnificence and intrigue. Safeguarding of Cuba’s historical legacy has been one of the revolution’s greatest achievements.
Cuba is like a forbidden fruit, a complex country of head-scratching contradictions, which, however many times you visit, will never adequately answer all your questions. Most of all, you will love Cuba's preserved history, and the fact that it can frustrate you one minute and unexpectedly inspire you the next.
Cuba is the rare country where you won’t find McDonald’s or Zara, or even a Coca-Cola. Great place to break your phone addiction! Wi-Fi is almost inaccessible. Yet, its medicine and education surpass the Western standard, and are accessible to all.
A country where everybody is so friendly and open to communication. Normally coworkers share problems, concerns, and many details relating with their private life. Cubans accord an important place to the family and many times up to three generations cohabit the same house.
Mix of cultures, total security and much more makes Cuba a “must see”. The island of Cuba is definitely one of the most singular destinations on the planet!

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Liberty International Tourism Group Cuba stands for as a local travel agency that facilitates the proper organization and development program in the tourist destination Cuba. All ground arrangements are supervised by our specialist team of Cuban tour managers, sales and operations staff that has extensive knowledge of the local travel industry and experience in Leisure and MICE Travel.

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  • Atmosphere
  • Culture
  • People and their history
  • Nature
  • Architecture

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