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Brazil is the world’s fifth largest nation, both in terms of area and population, a country that is one of the planet’s largest democracies and economies, covering most South America continent.
For many, the opening chapter of their Brazilian story will be Rio de Janeiro, easily the most recognizable of all the Brazilian cities. Few travelers have ever disagreed that Rio is the world’s most beautiful and spectacular setting for a city. Charles Darwin noted that Rio was "more magnificent than anything any European has ever seen in his country of origin". But Brazil is much, much more than just Rio de Janeiro. It is a country of many hidden treasures.

Very few destinations offer such varied options as Brazil. Its natural beauties, popular festivities and the countless protected environmental reserves are priceless attractions, which amaze foreign tourists when the time comes for them to choose their holiday destination.

Brazilians themselves are as a diverse as the landscape. From the original indigenous tribes, the Brazilian population encompasses and embraces just about every race and creed imaginable. The mixture of races has made Brazil a culturally rich and at the same time unique country. This miscegenation began with the Indian, the African and the Portuguese, but soon after, immigrants from around the world began to arrive: Europeans, Asians, Jews and Arabs. The result is a happy people, open to everything new, a people one can only find in Brazil where no one is a foreigner.

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Services offered by Liberty Brazil include arrangements for leisure and corporate travel for groups and individual travelers. The professional and creative team, at the Congresses and Incentive Travel department, is always ready to put together the best itineraries for the most demanding clients.
Liberty Brazil handles MICE clients from all over the World -- France, Unites States, Italy, Israel, Holland, Russia, Poland, besides other countries. Handling VIP exclusive incentive packages with customized programs.
In over 15 years Liberty Brazil has established many industry wide relationships with core partners across the globe.
We believe we understand your needs and requirements better than our competitors and we strive to help you achieve YOUR objectives as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.
We do this by developing relationships over many years with both suppliers, venues and, of course, clients and partner agencies.
Think of it as having your own event office in Brasil bringing a wealth of local knowledge and expertise.
Our greatest asset is that we never give up – and we won't stop trying until we have the perfect program in place for you.

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5 reasons

  • Sun & Fun
  • Delicious Food
  • Happy People
  • Rich Culture
  • Tropical Mystique

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Rua Siqueira Campos 121
Rio de Janeiro - R.J. 22031-071
0055 2132081826/22353874
Ms. Samuela Zanolli
CEO Brazil

Team Liberty Brazil

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