A Successful Networking Milestone: Liberty DMC’s Networking Event in London

Last week, on the 18th of January, Liberty International achieved a significant milestone in its journey of collaboration and partnership. We had the pleasure of hosting a networking event at the vibrant nHow Hotel in London, where Liberty Great Britain & Liberty Ireland, Liberty Spain, Liberty Portugal, and our Liberty Development Team welcomed a group of our key clients and partners. This gathering was more than just an event; it was a celebration of mutual growth and future prospects.

In the days leading up to the event, teams from Liberty Spain and Liberty Portugal were engaged in a series of productive meetings with clients and partners across London. These interactions provided an invaluable opportunity to deepen relationships, discuss partnerships, and exchange ideas about future business prospects. The positive energy and enthusiasm in these meetings set the perfect tone for the main event at nHow Hotel.

The Venue

nHow Hotel, with its eclectic and innovative design, served as the ideal backdrop for our event. It reflected the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit of Liberty International. The evening was abuzz with engaging conversations, as our guests mingled in the hotel’s contemporary and artistic setting. It was inspiring to see so many industry leaders and innovators under one roof, sharing insights and forging connections.

The Latest from Liberty

Our event was not only about strengthening existing relationships but also about exploring new opportunities. The Liberty Development Team played a pivotal role in showcasing our latest offerings and strategies, aligning with the evolving needs of the MICE industry. The interactive sessions were particularly enlightening, providing a platform for open dialogue and feedback.

MICE Event

As we reflect on the success of our London event, we are filled with gratitude and optimism. The enthusiastic participation of our clients and partners not only made the event memorable but also reinforced our belief in the power of personal connections in the business world. It is these relationships that drive us to innovate and excel.

Looking ahead, Liberty International is committed to nurturing these partnerships and continuing our journey towards excellence in the MICE industry. We are excited about the prospects that lie ahead and are dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences and services to our clients.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of our networking event. Your support and collaboration are the cornerstones of our growth and success.

Here's to many more such gatherings in the future, where we can come together to celebrate, collaborate, and create lasting business relationships.