About us

Our motto: Think global, act local: we use synergies and assets of a global network without losing the ‘personal touch worldwide’.

  • The world-leading DMC
  • Founded in 1991 and still privately owned
  • CEO´s of each office are partners in their countries
  • We operate in over 90 countries worldwide
  • More than 800 professionals
  • Our biggest strength: financial stability

  • The world-leading DMC
  • Founded in 1991 and still privately owned
  • We operate in over 90 countries worldwide
  • More than 800 professionals
  • Managing directors of each office are partners in their countries
  • Our biggest strength: financial stability

Our strategy

Our mission

  • To offer ideal solutions with a convincing service facilitated by the sustainable use of synergies.
  • We make our clients our fans.
  • A market positioning of more than 80 offices worldwide foreseen in 2020.

Our vision

  • To develop Liberty International Tourism Group into the No.1 Destination Management Company in the world.

Our goals

  • Liberty intends to increase its return on sales (EBITDA) to at least 5% so as to ensure that the Group’s solid financial position and ability to act are guaranteed even in difficult market periods.
  • Liberty aims to become the top employer for more than 800 professionals across all brands, companies and regions - this is necessary in order to build a first-class team.
  • Liberty intends to deploy intelligent innovations and technologies to become a world leader in customer satisfaction and quality.
  • The goal is to increase sales to more than 140 million € turnover a year; in particular, Liberty intends to capture an above-average share of the development of the major growth markets (BRIC countries).

Our social responsibility

  • Tourism will never be completely green or socially responsible, and for that reason we are creating our sustainable and socially responsible programs called ‘Impact Tourism’.
  • We are creating the possibility to realize one’s social responsibility also as a tourist. In the form of experiences through a tourist product, one will co-create social imprint and measurable social impact in addressing social challenges in a local environment.
  • Impact Tourism programs are directly related to the natural, cultural and social environment. Through them, we spread awareness, respect local values and endeavor for fair trade.
  • Part of earnings of our special programs are given to the local organizations striving for a better social environment and fighting for preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Our key values

  • Internal quality and trust programs ensure the highest international operations standards
  • Compliance with client regulations
  • Financial stability is our biggest strength and offers the client a “zero operational risk” while working with us
Customer Care
  • Think global act local and 28 years of experience are our clear commitments for excellence
  • Multilingual and committed teams offer the highest flexibility and creative event solutions
  • Build longstanding client relations by trustful and transparent communication
  • We respect our non-discrimination and green policies
  • The concept is partnership: partners share the company`s succes
  • Unique collection of entrepreneurs creating wealth by respecting our employees