About us

Our motto: Think global, act local: we use synergies and assets of a global network without losing the ‘personal touch worldwide’.

  • The world-leading DMC
  • Founded in 1991 and still privately owned
  • CEO´s of each office are partners in their countries
  • We operate in over 90 countries worldwide
  • More than 800 professionals
  • Our biggest strength: financial stability

  • The world-leading DMC
  • Founded in 1991 and still privately owned
  • We operate in over 90 countries worldwide
  • More than 800 professionals
  • Managing directors of each office are partners in their countries
  • Our biggest strength: financial stability

Our strategy

Our mission

  • To offer ideal solutions with a convincing service facilitated by the sustainable use of synergies.
  • We make our clients our fans.

Our vision

  • To develop Liberty International Tourism Group into the No.1 Destination Management Company in the world.

Our goals

  • Liberty aims to become the top employer for more than 800 professionals across all brands, companies and regions - this is necessary in order to build a first-class team.
  • Liberty intends to deploy intelligent innovations and technologies to become a world leader in customer satisfaction and quality.

Our social responsibility

  • Tourism will never be completely green or socially responsible, and for that reason we are creating our sustainable and socially responsible programs called ‘Impact Tourism’.
  • We are creating the possibility to realize one’s social responsibility also as a tourist. In the form of experiences through a tourist product, one will co-create social imprint and measurable social impact in addressing social challenges in a local environment.
  • Impact Tourism programs are directly related to the natural, cultural and social environment. Through them, we spread awareness, respect local values and endeavor for fair trade.
  • Part of earnings of our special programs are given to the local organizations striving for a better social environment and fighting for preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Our Hybrid & Virtual solutions

  • Tourism has been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and Liberty has initiated an immediate Emergency Response Plan to assist our clients, whose groups were directly affected by the Pandemic. Thanks to its preferred supplier relationship all around the world, this resulted is limited financial damages for our clients, whenever it was possible, with many groups rebooked to future dates.
  • Tourism will however never be the same after this Pandemic and the travel industry needs to live and deal with it. For that matter, Liberty International has enhanced its Hybrid & Virtual Meetings Solutions, to compensate for some of the In-person services that remain the core business of Liberty International.
  • You can receive our Hybrid-Events Portfolio
  • You can order your personalized Virtual Site Inspection in any of our Destinations, based on your request.
  • You can learn about our Destinations through Dedicated Live Webinar or take part in our Virtual Sales Presentations. You can also review past Webinars online.
  • You can review our Covid-19 Protocol updates
  • Contact us for any of the above at globalsales@liberty-int.com

Our key values

  • Internal quality and trust programs ensure the highest international operations standards
  • Compliance with client regulations
  • Financial stability is our biggest strength and offers the client a “zero operational risk” while working with us
Customer Care
  • Think global act local and 28 years of experience are our clear commitments for excellence
  • Multilingual and committed teams offer the highest flexibility and creative event solutions
  • Build longstanding client relations by trustful and transparent communication
  • We respect our non-discrimination and green policies
  • The concept is partnership: partners share the company`s succes
  • Unique collection of entrepreneurs creating wealth by respecting our employees


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