About us

The privately owned world-leading DMC Group
Founded in 1991, 30+ year expertise
Offices established on all continents
We cover over 90+ countries worldwide

Our concept is Local Partnership
Our biggest strength is our Financial Stability
Our added-value is our Local Presence
Our differentiating factor is our Global Synergy

Our Vision

To go beyond our DMC expertise and provide global travel expertise and solutions as a global travel organizer offering creative, innovative, tailor-made, and sustainable services for the global travel professional community.


Our Mission

To enhance travel experience by providing professional services through our global footprint and our unique organizational structure, while particularly taking into consideration new travel trends, new CSR requirements and new customers' expectations.

Our Passion

To create unique and memorable travel experiences in our destinations worldwide that cannot be done without the expertise and the added value of our local teams.


Our Differentiation

To nurture Liberty Concept of Partnership, where the local Managing Director is also a shareholder with a vested interest in the success of the destination.

Our Destinations

To maintain and expand the global coverage of Liberty into 90+ destinations worldwide.


Our Solutions

To maintain and expand Liberty range of services that currently include MICE, PREMIUM LEISURE, SPORTS HOSPITALITY, CRUISE GROUND HANDLING, AIRCRAFT SERVICES, VIRTUAL & HYBRID PROGRAMS and that will continue to be enriched with new travel solutions.

Our Actions

To implement Corporate Social Responsibility into our services, into our programs and develop sustainable actions such as the Secluded Africa Conservation at Work project in Kenya.



Requested Services
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Sport Events
Cruises Ground Handling